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Deposit and Payment Informat

Deposits - Tattoo Savior requires deposits for for booking appointments. All deposits are final. No deposit will be refunded for cancellations, Pre bought Laser removal Packages, no shows or I forgot I had an appointment. For re-bookings you would have to let Tattoo Savior know within 12 hours in advance for re booking for non loss of deposit. For re-booking you will need to add another deposit onto original deposit to proceed forward. We now do online booking so make sure go back online to rebook your appointment before 12 hours or you will lose your deposit.

Payments - All payments are to be made at the end of each session for tattooing. We do not work in any payment methods for Tattooing accept for our Laser Tattoo Removal services. Example : If a tattoo takes more than one session the customer is to pay per each session.  Example : Client receives a  tattoo for 4 hours the client is to pay for the the 4 hours at the end of that session. Tattoo Savior accepts cash and credit cards. No Checks. 

Thank You!